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Production NANNI accessories for ligatures in agriculture

Nanni, always linked to professionals in the vineyard. 

Nanni The company for many years managed to establish itself successfully in the field of wine and fruit growing. The high professional level, high quality products but also the efficient distribution and service network make it a leader company both nationally and internationally. Always able to respond quickly to new demands of the market for many years the professional use of the vineyard with great satisfaction the products Nanni

Universal Automatic Tying Nanni

NANNI (Patented)
NANNI (Patented)

Tying Sempluse Nanni

NANNI (Patented)
NANNI (Patented)

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Our Products


For best results in your work, we recommend our products, also for a better use of our binders we recommend genuine parts and products NANNI.We strongly advise to use our cored wire of original METALPLAST NANNI and original METALCART NANNI, designed and tested in this regard.


The original articles NANNI are tested to ensure maximum reliability, remember that they are MADE IN ITALY


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